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Imagine a world where you're free from laundry piles!

 At PureFold, we're dedicated to taking the hassle out of your laundry routine. We pick up, wash, dry, fold, and deliver your clothes same day, leaving you more time to focus on the things that truly matter.

Plans start as low as $165.00 a MONTH!


How it works!

Let us fill you in! 

Load Up and Ready for Pickup: Simply load your laundry into the supplied basket and have it placed right outside your door, ready for pick up on your designated trash day. Not to worry our bins are lockable and ready for the weather! Just be sure to leave it outside the door and not at the end of the driveway. As a safety precaution we have our bins labeled to be not mistaken for trash bins.

Scheduled for Your Convenience: We've coordinated our pick-up schedule with your trash day for your utmost convenience. It's a routine you're already familiar with!


Quick Questions, All Hands-On Us: During your initial setup, we'll ask you a few quick questions to understand your laundry needs better. Once we have that, leave the rest to us.


Bleaching Bin: Interested in a bin for bleachable items? Make sure to bring it up with our representatives!

How Much Is It to Start Up?

For a seamless and effortless start with PureFold, a one-time deposit which differs depending on your plan and we will set you up for success. It also
includes drop-off and all necessary administration fees. We're committed to ensuring your transition to hassle-free laundry care is smooth and stress-free. After that its easy just one payment on the 15th of every month! Click here to view our contract.

Scroll Down For More Details!

Pick Your Plan!

Pick the plan that best suits your lifestyle! 

Friendly Reminder: These prices are monthly not weekly.

Couple of bins.jpg

Mega Magic Plan
(Our Best Value)

Biweekly Pickup of the Mega Bin, capable of holding up to 10 loads of laundry.

Thats 20 loads a month!

Price: 199$ a month


Economy Plan
(Our Cheapest Plan)

Weekly Pickup of one typical bin (16 Loads a Month)


Biweekly Pickup of one typical bin. (8 Loads a Month) Each bin can comfortably accommodate up to 4 loads of laundry.

Weekly Pickup Price Per Month: $269.99

Biweekly Pickup Price Per Month: $165.00

We're Bin This Together

Weekly Pickup of two typical bins (32 Loads a Month)


Biweekly Pickup of two typical bins (16 Loads a Month)

Each Bin can accommodate up to four loads of laundry.

Weekly Pickup Price Per Month: $325.00

Biweekly Pickup Price Per Month: $180.00


Linen Package

Add-on option available at $45/month (month-to-month) or $22.50/month (yearly).

Dedicated white bin exclusively for linens, providing an extra touch of luxury.

**Linens can also be included in the regular bin at no additional cost.**

Wondering who we are? Click here for more information.

Looking for a different plan that best fits your needs?

Shoot us a email or give us a call!


Whats Included?

👚 Impeccable Folding & Categorization: Your clothes are carefully folded to perfection and thoughtfully organized, making it easy for you to put everything away effortlessly.


🌿 Fresh and Fragrant: Each load of laundry receives complimentary dryer sheets, ensuring your garments emerge soft, smelling delightful, and ready to wear.


🧺 Premium Detergent: We exclusively use Tide detergent to wash your laundry, delivering impeccable results. But the choice is yours! Customize your experience by selecting an alternative detergent option for just an additional $5 per month.

Is There a Catch? Not Really!

At PureFold, we believe in full transparency and simplicity. We want you to enjoy the benefits of our service without any hidden surprises. Here's what you need to know:


🧺 No Overstuffing: To maintain the quality of our service, please avoid overstuffing the bins. If you need extra space, feel free to consider our larger plans.


⏰ Timely Payments: Late payments are subject to a minor fee of $5. Your payment will be automatically drawn on the 15th of every month, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


🗓️ Month-to-Month Convenience: Our service operates on a month-to-month basis, giving you the flexibility to make decisions that suit your needs. You're in control!


🔒 Lock In for Extra Benefits: If you choose to lock in for a year, you'll receive a free load of linens once a month, exclusively available to our loyal yearly customers.


Rest assured, our goal is to simplify your laundry routine

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Where are we based?

We service all of Worcester County MA


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9:00 am – 9:00 pm


Serving All Of Massachusetts!

Fill out the form and specify if you would like to be reached out to by E-Mail, Text or a Phone Call to move forward! We typically answer back within minutes.

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